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The Chennai Book Fair !!

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The Chennai Book Fair !!

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Moi and G went to the 'Chennai Book Fair' today. Though i have been to several Chennai book fairs before, today was truly different. For starters - the venue has been changed. This one's much bigger and better ventilated than the old one. And more Tamil books have been included (MK 's Influence - says G, No Comments - this is not a political blog :D).. And we chose an odd time to avoid the crowd, but looks like everyone else had the same idea - the crowd just kept swelling in. And the best part was the food - it was more like a marriage. For 25 bucks, you get full meals served in traditional Tamil style (minus the 'appalam' (pappad) though :( ). And it was such fun eating at a quick pace - like if u take your eyes off the food, you would finish up out of sync with others and end up on a empty stomach !!

Such a big crowd at a book fair raised several questions.. Me and G were wondering whether Chennai has evolved into a literary hub or whether people think book fair is some sort of trade fair where they can spend a day with the family? Well i can always ask - How many people who goto a temple really believe in God ? Or even better - how many people who attend school or college can really claim to be educated - like you have finished an Engineering Course or an MBA course - can you really claim that you are an Engineer or a Manager ?? Guess everything is about perceptions - like they say - It's all in the mind !! Coming back to the book fair, this is what i thought - I was happy to see so many people in a Book Fair rather than at a beach or a bar !! Hopefully this new venue heralds the beginning of a new era in Chennai's reading culture and makes January synonymous with books - the same way as December is synonymous with Music !!
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